• Dagsetning: 16/11/2021 – 18/11/2021
  • Tími: 9:00 – 15:30
  • Staður: Fræðslusetur Eflingar-Guðrúnartúni 1


Introduction on VIRK – Vocational Rehabilitation Fund — Services offered and assistance of counsellors.

 Introduction of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration; responsibilities of employers’ and unions’ representatives on workplace safety. Discussions on how self-confidence affects communication. What effects lack of self-confidence has and various manifestations. Introduction on ways to enhance self-confidence and what circumstances may reduce self-confidence. Main emphasis on the common economic concepts in everyday life and in collective agreement bargaining, such as purchasing powers, difference in relative or direct “króna” increase. Students are familiar with what needs to be kept in mind when concluding contracts.


Sigurlaug Gröndal